January 10, 2009

Week 14, 15 and Beyond

This Spring, the mothership blog will be on hiatus (while the Silvas focus on their brand-spanking-new minature Silva) but there are a new crop of student links (to the right) setting off on the 6x1 journey. Above is a picture of last semester's year end blow-out screening/installation experiemental-stravaganzah at Jengo's playhouse. Everyone was very cold but had lots of fun - in part due to the really great final projects and in part due to the endless cans of free Rockstar Energy drink donated by Cucalorus. The event featured work from the 302 Experimental Film class, 6x1, 2D Animation and the 302 Documentary class.

6x1 offered a crop of 48-hour video race featuring as the mystery prop . . .

. . . a cookie cutter.

1 comment:

Jamie Bibo said...

as douchey as it makes itself out to be, much like corona, it is still my fave energy drink both in taste and effect. If it weren't for rockstar, my projects would have been even later and more shit.