August 30, 2007

Week 2: Fall 07 Magazine Transfer Projectoravaganza

16mm clear leader was rolled across a group of long tables and students from UNCW's FST 398 006 ("6X1") class slapped strips of wet packaging tape that had absorbed ink from magazines, phonebooks, etc. onto the film. Since the strips were still a bit wet, they had trouble staying on the clear leader as it ran through the projector but the result of this was still pretty cool.

The music was uploaded from our media ( - rights free - but quite a bit of reverb was added.

August 26, 2007

Week 2 Prep: 16mm Film Magazine Transfer

This week, we will be tearing up bits of magazines, newspapers, phonebooks etc. and sticking these bits onto clear packaging tape.

Then, we will cut the packaging tape into strips, dunk the strips into buckets of warm to hot water, leave the strips immersed for about 3-5 minutes and then rub the magazine pulp off the tape.

Only the ink remains on the tape. Then, just slap the strips of tape onto 16mm clear leader film (avoid the sprocket holes) and project.

See an EXAMPLE of what we collectively made in last semester's class.

August 21, 2007

Week1: welcometosixbyone fall07

Hi Fall Sixbyoners (and any curious observers)

Our first assignment involves painting, scratching, bleaching etc. 16mm film (i.e. film manipulation). I've included, below, an image of film sizes. It's good to think about these differences as we explore the idea of film manipulation. For example, if I make a mark with a sharpie on a 35mm frame and another mark with the same sharpie (same thickness) on an 8mm frame, the mark on the 8mm frame will take up a larger percentage of the frame and thus be projected as much thicker than the mark that is projected on the 35mm strip.

Needless to say, our choice of film stock size affects style and the amount of control we have over the frame. There's no ideal stock size. It just depends what you're going for.