December 6, 2007

Week 15: 49-Hour Video Race

. . . and the mystery prop is . . .

6X1 students had 49-hours to create a video using a "mystery prop," which had to appear somewhere in their 1 to 3-minute film. The mystery prop was revealed to the students only 2-days before their films were screened. To make things even more challenging, students could not use "any device who's primary service [was] for producing motion pictures" (i.e. video cameras and film cameras). That's right, students had to rely on such possibilities as digital still cameras (still and movie mode acceptable), cell phones, scanners, etc. but could not initially capture their images on strips of celluloid or video tape.

Films were produced by each of the students and screened on a vinyl shower curtain liner tied to two trees in the backyard of the Silva compound.

Earlier in the semester, the 6X1 class discussed the idea of "the Rough Theater," so the shower-curtain-liner-as-movie-screen was merely a manifestation of this.

The screening was part of a larger end-of-semester extravaganza which included installation projects from the experimental class and short documentaries from the doc class.

Week 14: Goodies from the 6X1 Factory

Assignment #4: One-Shot (4 films: 1-minute each)

Film Studies students at UNC Wilmington, create a minute-long take using a Bolex and 16mm hi-con film. The film is then processed and transferred to video. The, shoot, processing and video transfer all take place within 4 hours. A soundtrack is later added.

Assignment#3: Rayograms/Hand-Processing (4 films: 1-minute each)

Film Studies students at UNCW place various objects and film strips directly on 16mm hi-contrast film stock and process the film, in class. Afterwards, the film is transferred to video, effects are added in places and a sound track is added.

Assignment#2: Multi-Plane Animation (4 films: 1-minute each)

Students in UNC Wilmington's Film studies department create 1-minute animations using a super 8 camera and a multi-plane animation set-up. Students worked in 4 groups of 3 or 4.