November 1, 2007

Week 12: Supereee-Dooperee-Projection-Loopery

These next few weeks, the 6X1 class will be exploring film/video as process oriented instead of strictly product oriented.

In other words, the film is also an EVENT which can not be replicated in movie theaters because each experience is different. The audience and participants are one in same.

Getting there isn't just half the fun - it's part of the film itself!

Does this still all sound strangly vague . . .

Well check out one such film event in the series of videos, BELOW: the 1st Annual My-Loop's-Bigger-Than-Yours-athon.

The class was divided into two groups. Each group was to start out by building a 5 foot 16mm film loop.

The goal was to see who could build the longest film loop and have it projecting for a continuously for a minute without falling apart.

Teacherman had to throw the class a few curve balls because the loops just kept growing . . .

. . . and growing. And both groups were unphased by the initial challenge.

The first NEW rule was that the film could not touch the ground.

The end of class kept inching closer and both groups were running strong, despite the new rule.

So Teacherman did a sort of shortest-straw-type game where he wadded up tiny balls of paper. All were blank, except one. On that one was written the word, "BANG!"

Whoever in the group drew the "BANG!" had to sit out. They could help strategize. They just couldn't hold the film as it projected.

So the groups got a little smaller . . .

And thus it was that eventually the Ambitious Chinchillas (yes . . . Teacherman made each group chose a team name) were done in by a broken splice.

And the . . . what was the other group's name . . . the someting Lemonades - was it the Pink Lemonades?

Anyway, the Pink ( . . .?) Lemonades won the loop-off.

But do they have they have the LONGEST loop?

. . . hmm. Perhaps we shall find out next week.

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