September 15, 2007

Week 5: Film Processing

This week, the 6X1 class learns to process 16mm motion picture film. We are using a hi-contrast film stock (Kodak 7363), which allows us to process under a red safe-light and thus see the film as it "cooks" in the chemicals (Dektol).

Also, we'll try something completely different. From freeze dried coffee, washing soda and some asorbic acid, we'll brew up some coffee developer and see what it does to our film.

Eventually we will shoot film on the 16mm Bolex camera and process it, but first, we will focus on just the film stock through contact printing on the stock as well as making rayograms (laying objects directly on the film, exposing the film to light and then processing the film to get a negative impression of the objects).

For examples of what rayograms look like CLICK HERE

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